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About us

An idea will remain an IDEA only unless it is expressed in the right format in order to bring it to REALITY.



Events has been our only Passion and Business in the Mysuru Since 2004.


Team Smart a name synonymous with Style, Creativity, and Quality in the Event Management Business has a proven track record and a presence in the Mysuru market. Our professional team has over 18 years of experience working and handling everything from Corporate Launches to Conferences, Weddings to Anniversary, and from Exhibitions to Road Shows.

We are much more than the facilitators of your ideas; we are your event partners. Working hand in hand, our number one goal is to deliver the meeting or event that you expect, more brilliantly than you could have imagined with your meeting on time and on budget.

Our Approach Team Smart Approach to Events Planning

Critical to the success of your plans is a streamlined process that leaves nothing to guesswork. Team Smart lives by a practical methodology and it has helped us stage some of the most unforgettable events.


Clients approach us with a brief for an event or a specific campaign, with their detailed objectives, timelines and budgets


We brainstorm to come up with great innovative and exceptional strategies and ideas that align with the brand’s personality & client objectives.


We map out an audience-centric strategy to design the experience and go over every detail and double-check various elements.


We create a dynamic event and/or brand experience. Our team works to deliver a seamless experience that’s always a cut above the rest.


After every event, we evaluate the experience and results and provide learning and recommendations for future events.

What our customers says

Thank your for making our event memorable.

It really was awesome, the birthday event wa memorable.

It really was awesome, the birthday event wa memorable.

I recommend team smart fo all events.

The Leading Event Agency Company in Mysuru

Stage a show that’s hard to miss and even harder to forget. With support from one of the best entertainment companies in Mysuru, your event will be one for the books.

Public Events and Entertainment that Gives Everyone a Great Time

Engage your audience through larger-than-life experiences from Team Smart, one of the most celebrated entertainment agencies in Mysore and around Mysore. Your brand will produce nothing less than spectacular sporting events, public fundraisers, festivals, exhibitions, galas, concerts, opening ceremonies and national events.

Our team has a flair for the extraordinary, cultivating a transformative audience journey using breath-taking sets, dramatic light and sound effects and sensational performers. Whether your goal is to raise money for charity, promote your brand or give your audience a show to remember, Team Smart will deliver.

A Team that Handles It All

Leave the logistics to the company that has mastered large-scale events. Team Smart has the manpower to conceptualise, plan, market and execute a grand public entertainment event. We have a solid network of suppliers, tech support companies, entertainment agents and performers that we work with to make the magic happen. We eliminate the stress of finding the right entertainers and provide maximum value to an event.

Our team takes care of necessary paperwork, permits and applications, coordinates with security officials, creates crowd control contingency plans and handles other logistical tasks involved.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Our attention to details set us apart from other event entertainment companies in Team Smart. From the signage to parking to food, we ensure the crowds remain comfortable and prevent attendee frustration.

We employ stellar show calling, tech production and stage management to build momentum. Our goal is to create a responsive, dynamic crowd that will echo news of your event on social media and be ambassadors of your brand.